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Our Ministry

Children’s Ministry

   "Children are the future" goes the old saying, but they are also the present, and so a great deal of emphasis is placed on the children’s ministry. This is also a ministry that the congregation promotes strongly, especially because of the strong ties to the school.
   Every Sunday the children join the main service for the first 15-20 minutes before they and the Sunday-school teacher head off to the church hall for an enjoyable, age-appropriate Sunday School, or Kindergottesdienst, lesson.
   The congregation runs an annual children’s ministry camp - the Kindergottesdienst Ausflug - always a highlight for the Grade 1-7 children. Over and above what the congregation offers, the children also have the opportunity to participate in events run by the ELCSA(N-T) children’s and youth ministry, like the annual Kailager camp.

Decorating the Christmas tree   A cross decorated by confirmands


   As in any vibrant congregation, especially in the ELCSA (N-T), music plays an important role and comes in a variety of forms and from a range of sources.

Brass Band
Instruction in brass instruments can be arranged through some of our members and the congregation has a very active brass band which regularly plays in services and at other functions.
Worship Team
The congregation’s musicians combine their talents with the school’s chapel band and worship team, especially for youth services.
Always on the lookout for new choristers, our well-trained choir sings during the 1st Sunday service of every month, as well as on other festive occasions.
The circuit brass festival at Hermannsburg   Our brass band at our annual bazaar   The choir accompanies the services

Other Activities

The youth group meets every Tuesday evening from 18:30-19:30 during school term time.
Bible Study Group
Bible studies are conducted in German every 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:00 at the Parsonage English speakers are welcome to join, and will be accommodated during the Bible study.
Seniors’ Communion
The pastor conducts holy communion devotions on every 3rd Thursday of the month at 10:00 at the Arcadia Old Age Home in Greytown.
Student & Youth activities
Various activities are offered during the July and December school holidays.
Prayer Groups
Youth camps
Camps are organised by the Youth Pastor of the Southern Circuit and are actively promoted by the congregation:
  • Kinder Kailager - during the July holidays, the 8 12 age group camps at the Kailager campsite, close to Port Edward.
  • KT Camp - the 13-18 age group heads off on KT (Konfirmanden & teenager) Camp during the July holidays.
  • Rüstwoche - this youth camp in Elandskraal is for everyone from the age of 12 to university student and is held during the December holidays.
Confirmation classes
Confirmation lessons can be integrated into the Life Orientation lessons in Grade 8 at the school, or offered after school hours.
The bells ring in the new year   The newer of the two well-tended cemeteries   The view from the gallery in the church

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