Peter-Paul Gemeinde Hermannsburg

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Contact Us

Pastor René Risch

Congregation Council Chairperson
Stella Klingenberg

Tel: 033 815 1299
Cell: 083 259 1660

Cell 082 336 3145

   Members of the congregation have a number of opportunities to engage in conversation with each other, be it after the Sunday services, at ‘happy hours’ or wherever they may meet each other. While nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, communication also takes place via email, the congregation’s Whatsapp group and the bi-monthly ‘Contact’ newsletter. Important announcements are read out at the start of every Sunday service.

Contact Newsletter
   Left-click the images below to open the respective Kontakt/Contact newsletters in your browser, or download them by right-clicking an image and choosing ‘save as’ / ‘save link as’. (If you do not already have Adobe Reader installed, download Adobe Reader here.)

Contact for Dec 2019 and Jan 2020    Contact for Feb and Mar 2020    Contact for Apr and May 2020    Pastor’s convention    Bishop’s Post

Joining the Congregation
   Prospective members are invited to a discussion with the pastor before applying for membership. Guests who are interested in further information can also be added to our mailing list.

We look forward to welcoming you to our congregation!


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